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Open House

Saturday, October 4, 2014  Thank you to everyone who came out this past Saturday to our Open House.



Zembower Fire Service Training Award

Saturday, July 26, 2014   We are very proud to announce that Ellicott City Volunteer Fireman's Association was awarded the Zembower Fire Service Training Award for 2014 from the Maryland State Firemen's Association.

The Zembower Fire Service Training Award was established in 1976 memory of Mr. Cromwell Zembower of LaVale. Mr. Zembower was a former President of MSFA and a member of the training committee. The Zembower Fire Service Training Award is based on the average number of formal training hours per active member for fire and rescue training completed in the prior fiscal year. The winning department will proudly display the award until the next convention.

Our active department had 12,665 training hours for the entire year, which averages to 149 training hours per member. Ellicott City’s average training hours was the highest amount ever awarded. Training hours include all classes and seminars sponsored by MFRI (Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute), refresher training classes, and courses sponsored by the National Fire Academy and MIEMSS (Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems). 

We are all so proud of our accomplishment and are already hard at work to win the trophy again next year! 



Ellicott City awarded three Honorary Resolutions

Monday, July 21, 2014   Ellicott City Volunteer's were recognized tonight by the Howard County Council for receiving the Zembower Award for training. First time in 14 years the award was presented to a Howard County company. Congratulations ECVFD!

John and Carolyn Klein were also recognized tonight for their outstanding years of service to the citizens of Ellicott City. John has been a member of Ellicott City for 54 years, serving as Chief for 22 years. Carolyn was awarded the Maryland State Fireman's Association's Family Appreciation award for her exceptional and sustained service. 



Open House 2013

 Join te Ellicott City Volunteer Fire Department for our annual Open House.  Saturday, October 12, 2013 between 1 pm and 4 pm at Station 2 (4150 Montgomery Road).  Join us for tours of the fire station, check out our apparatus, and observed safety demonstrations.  Bring the kids for our Junior Firefighter Challenge, have them try out kids size fire gear and meet Sparky.



First Due Chimney Fire

Thursday, March 21, 2013 16:30 Around 1630 hours on March 21, Box Alarm 2-16 was alerted for the possible house fire in the 3900 block of College Avenue. Units were advised a passer by saw flames coming from the chimney.  Upon arrival E-22 had a large amount of smoke coming from the house.  Upon investigation it was determined to be a working chimney fire.  Crews were able to quickly put the fire out.  Crews were on scene for approximately 1.5 hours verifying that the fire had not extended into the house itself, once it was determined that there was no extension units returned to service.


E-22, E-82, E-91. E-71, Twr 2, Trk 7, Twr 10, A-26, P-25, B-27, BC-2, BC-1, EMS-2, Safety-1, Chief 2B



First Due Attic Fire

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 22:10 A little after 22oo hours on March 13, a local box was alerted for the odor of smoke in house in the 3300 block of Governor Howard Drive.  E21 arrived first with nothing evident.  While inside investigating, E21's pump operator notified the crews inside that fire had started showing from the side of the house.  At this time, the remainder of the box alarm was filled out.  Crews found the attic on fire and were able to quickly knock it down.  All occupants were out of the house and uninjured


E-21, E-22, Twr 2, E-91, E-82, Trk 7, Twr 10, P25, A 96, B-27, BC-2, EMS -2, Safety 1, BC-1



Columbia Townhouse Fire

Saturday, February 16, 2013 0342 At approximately 0342 hours on February 16th, box alarm 9-07 was alerted for the reported building fire. Units from Station 2 included Engine 21, Engine 22, Tower 2 and Battalion 2 on the first alarm. Engine 82 and air unit 17 were alerted on the taskforce assignment. While units were responding Howard relayed that police were on scene confirming a working fire. Engine 91 arrived first with fire from the basement through to the attic. Battalion Chief 1 declared a defensive exterior operation due to the possibility of structural compromise. Engine 22 was the fourth arriving engine and helped secure the water supply for Engine 101. Tower 2 arrived as the 2nd special service piece and was put to work in the bravo exposure to check for any extension and report back on conditions. Engine 21 arrived 5th and was assigned to RIT with Tower 10. Around 0500 hours, the fire was placed under control and some units, including Engine 21 were released. Engine 22 and Tower 2 remained operating at the scene due to extensive overhaul.



Holiday Train Garden Returns

The Holiday Train Garden returns for the 15th year at Ellicott City.  Come visit us to see an all new design custom built over the fall.

Kids and adults will enjoy the annual train garden scavenger hunt to locate hidden features.

Donations to the benefit the volunteer fire companies of Howard County will be accepted.  You can also now donate to the Ellicott City Volunteer Fireman's Association online with the link at the top left of this page. 

We will also be accepting toy donations to give a child in a need a happy Christmas.

The Ellicott City Volunteer Fireman's Association will also be selling T-shirts and cotton candy.



Ellicott City Responds to Small Dryer Fire

Saturday, December 8, 2012 15:10 Around 3:10 pm on December 8th Engine 21 and Brush 27 responded for reported smoke in the area.  As further information was gathered it was determined the neighbor had seen what they thought was smoke coming from the dryer vent.  Upon arrival Engine 21 found some smoke coming from the dryer vent.  There was no answer at the door so the crew had to force entry.  Upon gaining access the crew found the basement full of smoke and requested the full box alarm assignment.  As crews investigated they found the laundry room full of smoke.  Upon further investigation it was found that the clothes in the dryer were on fire.  The fire was quickly extinguished.  Truck 7 came and assisted Engine 21 with ventilation and overhaul.  Crews returned to service after about 1 hour.



Live Fire Training

Saturday, November 17, 2012 0800 On November 17th 22 members from Ellicott City as well as six members from Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department traveled down to the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute in College Park to conduct live fire training exercises. The objective of the training was for members to practice fire fighting techniques in a controlled environment. The training was also useful in giving some of the newer members some more experience. 
The crews assumed different roles such as: search and rescue, fire attack, and rapid intervention. It was very important for the different groups to work together as one big team in order to successfully accomplish their individual tasks. Each evolution the crews would rotate through the different positions. This gave everybody a chance to experience the responsibilities of the different positions. Crews were also able to practice removing victims from a fire condition. 
The training was very successful and beneficial for all who attended. Crews were successfully able to run 13 different evolutions in approximately 3 hours. The training provided all members new and old with valuable experience that will help on a real call. 



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