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Statewide Recruitment Open House

Ellicott City VFD is participating in the Statewide Recruitment Open House!

We are looking for community members interested in becoming firefighters and EMTs as well as associate members who may assist the Department with specialties (fundraising, safety education, tech support, etc.) Come out on Sunday, April 12th from 11 am to 4 pm to either of our fire stations:

Ellicott CIty VFD - Station 2: 4150 Montgomery Road or Ellicott CIty -Bethany Station 8: 9601 Old Frederick Road

We will have applications on hand and members happy to explain the requirements, training, and opportunities available. 

See for more info.



Last stops for Santa!!

Friday, December 19, 2014  Santa will be returning back home for the North Pole Sunday night but before he does he will make more stops this weekend. Please look out for the "Santa Stops Here" signs and follow us on Twitter for arrival times.

Friday December 19th- starting around 6:30 pm

  • Windpower and Summer Solistic
  • Britten Lane and Crestwood
  • Owens Ct and Ellis Lane
  • Dunteachin and Meadow Pond
  • Briar Oak and Sweet Birch
Saturday December 20th- starting around 11 am

  • Tyler Drive and Tyler Court
  • Jay Drive and Carrigan
  • Cragsmoor Road and Cragsmoor Court
  • Autumn View and Font Hill
  • Font Hill and Springfield
  • Font Hill and Grosvenor
  • Whitworth and Galahad
  • Font Hill and El Dee
  • Gwynn Hill and Riverside
  • Tuscany Road and Clubhouse
  • Coventry Court and Tuscany Road
  • Lombardi  Drive and Globe
  • Globe and Fairway Drive
  • Burnside and Tustin
  • Burnside and Chateau Ridge
  • Chateau Ridge and Woodville
  • Breconshire and Kingsbridge
  • Breconshire and White Rose
  • Bristol Channel and Queens Camel
  • White Rose and Burleigh Cottage
  • Glastonbury and White Rose
Sunday December 21st -starting around 11 am

  • Taylor Village at the Club House



Santa stops December 18th

Thursday, December 18, 2014  Santa is making his way to Market Square and Waverly area tonight! Signs are already out for the stops. Santa will be making one big stop in the Weis Parking lot, please follow us on twitter for arrival times. Santa stops for tonight: Red Lion and Raleigh Tavern Green Clover and Spruce Way Taylor Farm and White Dahlia Weis Parking Lot Sussex Way and Abingdon Way



Santa is coming to Valley Meade!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014  Santa will be leaving the station around 6pm. Please follow us on twitter for Santa's location and approx. arrival times for stops listed below.

Stop details:

  • 2875 Bethany Lane – United Methodist Church
  • Michaels and Ebbwood
  • Cypressmeade and Faunewood
  • Longview and Ashmeade Drive
  • 9321 Joey Drive and Greenway
  • Greenway and Michaels Way
  • Southview Road (drive thru)
  • St John’s Elementary
  • Resurrection Church
  • Chatham Garden Apartments



Santa Stops in Hollifield, Normandy and Governors Run

Monday, December 15, 2014  Please follow us on Twitter for Santa's location @ellicottcityvfd. Santa will be leaving the fire house around 6 pm tonight.

  • Stonehouse @ Dead End
  • Stonehouse @ Carroll Wind
  • Millers Way @ Chapel Hill
  • High Ridge Road @ Howard County Arts
  • Normandy Woods Pool
  • Oak Green Circle – drive thru
  • Governors Run @ Governors Ridgely



Gray Rock and Dunloggin Santa Stops

Saturday, December 13, 2014 

  • Gray Rock @ Dairy Valley Trail
  • Paul Mill Road @ River Walk
  • Fragile Sail Way @ Gray Rock
  • Red Bandana @ Blue Barrow Road
  • Dorsey Search Meeting Room
  • Northfield @ Southfield
  • Crestleigh @ Woodley
  • MacAlpine @ Dunloggin
  • Chatham Road @ Spring Meadow
  • Spring Meadow @ Dunloggin – 3826 Spring Meadow
  • Spring Meadow @ Spring Falls



Santa Stops

Friday, December 12, 2014  Happy Friday everyone! Santa has a busy weekend coming up. Be sure to look out for the signs and continue to follow us on twitter.

Tonight Autumn Hills:

  • Brittany Drive and Bali Drive
  • Autumn Rust and White Winter
  • Trail View
  • Timberland Circle
  • Spring Showers and Roberts Road



Santa is coming to Town & Country

Thursday, December 11, 2014  Santa will be making his way around Town & Country Thursday December 11th, he will also be visiting the kids in the Patapsco River Road and the areas behind the court houses.

  • Town & Country Pool
  • 8836 Town & Country
  • 9068 Town & Country
  • West Spring Dr and Sonia Trail
  • West Spring and Dead End
  • Gov. Martin and Gov Howard
  • Orange Grove Court
  • Bucks County Court and Lower Mill Court
  • Bonny Bridge Court
  • St. Peters Church (Rogers Avenue & Smith)
  • Roger Carter Center
  • Papilion Drive
  • Mannihan Drive



Santa Stops

Wednesday, December 10, 2014  Santa will be making the following stops tonight:

  • Chatsworth Way
  • Grove Angle
  • Morningside Lane @ Meadow Creek Terrace
  • Glenmar @ Saddle Ridge
  • Mitzy @ Sunderland
  • Elko @ East Glen
  • East Glen @ Heatherland
  • Glenmar
  • Rising Sun @ Hillmont
  • Little Creek @ Crystal Park
  • Amber Meadow Vista (off Baugher Farm Rd)
  • Crystal Spring Dr



Patapsco River Road and areas behind the Court Houses

Tuesday, December 9, 2014  ***UNFORTUNATELY DUE TO WEATHER TONIGHT'S SANTA DETAIL HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO THURSDAY DECEMBER 11TH*** THE FOLLOWING STREETS HAVE BEEN RESCHEDULED: Gov Martin @ Gov Howard Orange Grove Court Bucks County Court @ Lower Mill Court Bonny Bridge Court St. Peters Church (Rogers Avenue & Smith) Roger Carter Center Mannihan Drive



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