Officer Elections
By Website Admin
June 24, 2020

The Ellicott City Volunteer Firemen's Association would like to congratulate the following individuals for being elected to their respective positions after our annual election on June 24th:
Chief: Erik Deklau
Deputy Chief: William Rosebrough
Assistant Chief: Robin Zevotek
Fire Captain: Shawn Germain
Fire Lieutenant: David Blood, Ryan Gregory, Cory Boone
EMS Lieutenant: Margery Sayers
Treasurer: Secora Rosebrough
Secretary: Margery Sayers

The positions on the board of directors are as follows:
President: Dario Broccolino
Vice President: Dawn Bintz
Treasurer: John Lombaro
Secretary: Mary Jo Lombardo
Board members: Rick Menz, James Robey, Sue Tompkins, Christina Bryz-Gornia, Robin Rosenberger
Volunteer members to the board: Jared Hendrix, Ryan Doyle

The department would like to thank the following individuals for their service in their respective roles the previous year:
Deputy Chief: Craig Ralston
Assistant Chief: Scott Wood
Fire Captain: Tim Deklau