Thank You To Our First Responders!
By Fire Fighter/EMT Arun Pant
April 30, 2021

Every year, ECVFD acknowledges those members who have gone above and beyond their call of volunteer duty through awards of Firefighter of the Year, EMT of the Year, Officer of the Year, Top EMT Responders, and Top Firefighter Responders. This past year, we congratulated Greg Hendrickson, Dani Clark, Robin Zevotek, Jeremy Hollenbeck, Kacie Bourgault, Kat Ralston, and Mike Bermudez on these achievements. If you see them around, please thank them for their service and dedication to the community! #ECVFD #VolunteerFirefighter #VolunteerEMT #EMS #FireService #EllicottCityMD #ECstrong